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Purchasing a home is much like getting married. My job with the real estate transaction is much like the wedding planner´s job with the wedding. There is one main difference, with a wedding planner you have already met you partner. With real estate I get the privilege of helping you search for and then introducing you to your new home. Just as the wedding planner handles all the details of coordinating the wedding, there are countless details involved in purchasing real estate that must be coordinated as well as legal hurdles that must be considered.

The following pages will provide you with volumes of information regarding a real estate transaction. I must apologize for one thing; I am unable to give you specific advice regarding your exact situation unless we get together. So please use these pages as an educational resource and then let´s get together and discuss your needs and goals with your real estate purchase. I look forward to being your real estate planner, advisor and consultant. 

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